Video Journalism

For the past 4 years I have been a part of the journalism program at my high school, Francis Howell North. Throughout these years I’ve produced many video journalism pieces, some good and some bad, but it has been a great learning experience. I now reside as Editor-in-Chief of our video program, FHNtodayTV, check out some of the work I’ve compiled.

Hobby Projects

I like to make stuff. In fact I prefer it to buying something off the shelf, there’s just something about crafting something to be your own. The community I’ve become a part of and the people I’ve met as a result is one of the greatest parts of being a maker. There’s something about a creative challenge that brings people together, and it’s amazing to watch a project take shape. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert, I use a lot of online tutorials and consult with plenty of people (including my dad) but I enjoy the continuous learning I’m able to do.

Live Broadcast

As a part of the journalism program at Francis Howell North, one of the key things I have been involved in is our live broadcast program, of which I had the opportunity to be a big part of building. From ball games to pep assemblies to cooking competitions, we’ve streamed it all.